Registration for IPT is officially closed and preselection process

Registered teams for IPT 2018

The IPT grows each year and as the competition spreads around the world, each year we have more and more participants to compete at the final stage that will happen in Russia this year. Therefore, we would like to officially announce the end of the registration period for IPT 2018! The registered teams are (in order of registration date):

  1. Australia Australia – University of Queensland
  2. United States USA – Winners of the US National Selection (Columbia University and Dartmouth College)
  3. Sweden Sweden – Winners of the Swedish national selection
  4. Colombia Colombia – Winners of the Colombian national selection
  5. Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran – Winners of the Iranian Physicists’ Tournament
  6. Brazil Brazil – Federal University of ABC
  7.  India India – Shiv Nadar University
  8. Denmark Denmark – Technical University of Denmark
  9. Germany Germany – Winners of the German National Selection
  10. Italy Italy – Winners of the Italian national Selection
  11. Croatia Croatia – University of Zagreb
  12. Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – Simón Bolívar University
  13. Slovenia Slovenia- University of Ljubljana
  14. Poland Poland – University of Warsaw
  15. Switzerland Switzerland – Winners of the Swiss national Selection
  16. China China – Nankai University
  17. France France – Winners of the French Physicists’ Tournament
  18. Russian Federation Russia – Hosts of the IPT 2018
  19. Russian Federation Russia – Winners of the Russian national selection
  20. Greece Greece – Winners of the Greek national selection
  21. UkraineWinners of Ukrainian National Tournament

Preselection process engaged

The number of seats available at IPT is 18. Therefore we would like to inform officially the need of a preselection process to determine who will compete in Russia (with the exception of Sweden, France and Russia who are finalists and hosts respectively).

Each team has until January 10th, 23h00 GMT to submit a scientific style report on a finished or even unfinished solution to one of the the following three problems:

  • 2. Static speaker
  • 4. Origami launcher
  • 8. Candle lighting trick

In addition, countries with national selections (at least 3 teams participating in physical fights format judged by jury, at least 2 fights), teams may choose from an additional two problems:

  • 3. Ink tree
  • 12. Particle detectors for dummies

An important reminder is that often the winner of the national tournament wins their country’s seat in the tournament, should they also pass the international preselection stage.

The complete procedure to prepare and send your reports can be found here and has to be strictly followed.

The Executive Committee wishes all participants good luck and good work on this initial road for IPT 2018! Please send your reports to:

Example of report

In order to guide the participants for the writing of their reports, we provide an example of a good report received for the preselection of IPT 2016.

Registration for IPT is officially closed and preselection process