Registered teams and pre-selection results

Pre-selection results (by qualification rank, including reserved spots):

The top 18 teams in the ranking pass to final the tournament in Moscow.

  1. UkraineWinners of Ukrainian National Tournament
  2. Sweden Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
  3. France École Polytechnique (France)
  4. Russian Federation Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Hosts)
  5. Russian Federation Voronezh State University (Russia)
  6. Switzerland EPFL (Switzerland)
  7. Brazil Federal Univeristy of ABC (Brasil)
  8. Poland University of Warsaw (Poland)
  9.  Colombia Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Bogota (Colombia)
  10. Croatia University of Zagreb (Croatia)
  11. Greece National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)
  12. Italy Bologna-Milan University (Italy)
  13. Germany Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaat (Germany)
  14. Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Universidad Simon Bolivar (Venezuela)
  15. United States Team USA (Dartmouth College and Colombia University)
  16. Denmark Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)
  17. India Shiv Nadar Univeristy (India)
  18. Slovenia University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  19. China Nankai University (China)
  20. Australia University of Queensland (Australia)
  21. Iran, Islamic Republic of Iranian national tournament winners

Registered teams (by registration date):

  1. Australia Australia – University of Queensland
  2. United States USA – Team USA (Columbia University and Dartmouth College)
  3. Sweden Sweden –  Chalmers University of Technology (Winners of the Swedish national selection)
  4. Colombia Colombia – Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Bogota (Winners of the Colombian national selection)
  5. Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran – Winners of the Iranian Physicists’ Tournament
  6. Brazil Brazil – Federal University of ABC
  7.  India India – Shiv Nadar University
  8. Denmark Denmark – Technical University of Denmark
  9. Germany Germany – Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaat (Winners of the German National Selection)
  10. Italy Italy – Bologna-Milan University (Winners of the Italian national Selection)
  11. Croatia Croatia – University of Zagreb
  12. Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – Simón Bolívar University
  13. Slovenia Slovenia- University of Ljubljana
  14. Poland Poland – University of Warsaw
  15. Switzerland Switzerland – EPFL (Winners of the Swiss national Selection)
  16. China China – Nankai University
  17. France France – École Polytechnique (Winners of the French Physicists’ Tournament)
  18. Russian Federation Russia – Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  19. Russian Federation Russia – Voronezh State University (Winners of the Russian national selection)
  20. Greece Greece – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Winners of the Greek national selection)

Last update : 22/01/2018