Live stream of the Finale

In a few hours, the Grand Finale of the 10th International Physicists’ Tournament will take place between  Brazil, ️ France and  Switzerland!

Contrary to the selective Physics Fights, the problems for the Finale are chosen in advance by the teams. We have a very exciting schedule:

  • Brazil will discuss the realization of an acoustic black hole, out of which no sound can escape (“Sonic black hole”, problem #6)
  • France will talk about the strange sound produced by an hex nut in a balloon (“Screaming balloon”, problem #9)
  • Switzerland will explain how to construct a loudspeaker without any moving part (“Static speaker”, problem #2).

Exact problems are to be found on the official problem list.

If you cannot make it to Moscow, you can still follow the live stream on our You Tube Channel !

Also this time you may test your judging abilities putting the grades to the teams! (more details in stream description)

The best spectator jury will obtain a very special prize posted by mail.

Start your engines, and may the best team win! 

Live stream of the Finale