Local information

Find here some information on how to get around Moscow and some information about the event at MIPT. Maps will be added shortly.



Things to be aware of: There is little to no Latin script, everything is in Cyrillic. In this page I will try to put the Cyrillic names of places to help along.


Safety: Moscow enjoys a low crime rate, especially for a capital city. Nevertheless, please use common sense, avoid dark alleys, members who may claim to be police officers asking for papers/visa/permits and keep an eye out for common pickpockets.


Dress well: Take warm clothing (it is between 11 and 2 degrees in April) and prepare for possible ice.


Beautiful metro: The metro could be considered a museum and work of art itself (do take the time to visit a few stations)! Actually easy to use and has FREE and pretty good Wifi!

Map: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.yandex.metro&hl=en. A journey on the metro will usually cost in the range of 50RUB for one trip.


Language: Take care when transliterating names from Latin to Cyrillic, you can very easily end up in the wrong place using Google maps. 

Understanding of English will vary a lot. Some people have next to no knowledge and others will be able to converse very easily with you.


Where are you: Take note that we are in the DOLGOPRUDNY campus, not the Moscow campus. You will be accommodated as part of the fee payment from the 1st to the 8th of April.


Looking for a longer stay? For those of you looking to stay a little bit longer, the following site advertises rooms nearby the campus: http://www.nethotel.ru/en/.

In Moscow, Airbnbs and hostels are in good number and you will not find it hard to find one in the city.


Travelling to MIPT (Московский Физико-Технический институт):

Address: 9 Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700, Russian Federation

Registration room location: New building (please see your booklet)

Dorm location: 32 bld 3, Pervomayskaya Ulitsa (Улица Первомайская)

Most of you will be arriving by air, please find below some instructions from each airport.

Arriving from Vnukovo:

By express railway and metro is recommended: You can take a 35 minutes express railway train from this airport, priced at 400RUB with times starting at 06:00 and brings you to Kievskiy train station. You can then take the metro from Kievskaya (Киевская) station (lines 3,4 and 6) to  Saviolovskaya (Савёловская) or Timiryazevskaya (Тимирязевская). It is then possible to use a suburban train “From Moscow”  stopping at the station Novodachnaya (Новодачная), then you should exit the first train car, follow the road to campus (10 minutes). The train may also stop at Dolgoprudnaya (Долгопрудная). From here, head onto Pervomayskaya street (Первомайская) against the train movement to the campus (15 minutes).

Arriving from Sheremetyevo:

You may notice that the airport seems very close by, BUT, there is no real direct connection. You can instead take a taxi to get to the subway station Rechnoy Vokzal (Речной вокзал) (prices vary) and then take the bus 368 finishing at Stantsiya Dolgoprudnaya (Станция Долгопрудная) which will then get you to the street near campus. An alternative to the taxi is Bus #851 (RUB50 for a 90 minute transfer ticket purchased from the driver) and Bus #949 (RUB75) operating a service between the terminals and the Rechnoy Vokzal (Речной вокзал).

You can alternatively head to Lobnia station (станция Лобня) and take a train towards Dolgoprudnaya (Долгопрудная).

Arriving from Domodedovo:

From here, you can get to the metro station Domodedovskaya (Домодедовская) by taxi (prices vary) or by the Airport express (~400 RUB) to Paveletsky (Павелецкий). Then head to the Saviolovskaya (Савёловская) or Timiryazevskaya (Тимирязевская) stations and take a train to Novodachnaya (Новодачная) or Dolgoprudnaya (Долгопрудная), following the same instructions as per Vnukovo.